The man bag has actually been around for a long time & has recently been reborn & modernised. Men are now carrying man bags for all sorts of reasons today – for work, study or as a practical fashion accessory! The man bag has moved on a lot since the briefcase. Many of us will fondly remember our Dad’s & door to door sales men using them.

The briefcaseImage result for salesman with old briefcase

Conjures memories of a boxy hard shell with a strong carry handle, as the briefcase is usually carried by hand…… not great when you also need to grab a cappuccino! That said they are generally well made & great at keeping items carried safe.

The laptop bag     Trieste compact tan leather satchel  

A modern version of the briefcase! They come in different materials & most are now of a soft shell (leather or synthetic) with internal padding to keep your laptop safe. Our Sicily leather laptop bag is a great example. Double strap buckles with quick release clips, adjustable & detachable shoulder strap along with many internal pockets & compartments.

The Satchel

The leather satchel has been around for centuries. Perhaps the most iconic is the indestructible school boy / girl satchel. Of which many modern-day satchels are now modelled on. The satchel comes in all sizes, colours & materials. Check out our bestselling Trieste satchel!

The Messenger bagPortofino Crossbody bag

In the early days it was the bag of choice for delivery rider’s. Messenger bags have now evolved into the man bag of choice for students & young professionals. The messenger bag has become quite a style icon & is often seen in an Urban environment.

The MacBook SatchelTan Rimini Macbook Satchel

Is stylish & slimline, perfect for carrying your MacBook and essentials. This is the perfect accessory for work and meetings. The Rimini MacBook bag has an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, padded compartment to keep your MacBook safe & full zip to secure the bag.


The duffel / holdall

The duffel bag is a large soft bag used for sports, leisure & travel. This man bag is characterised by an oversized main compartment for easy access, with a top zipper closure. It’s the perfect size for weekends away & the gym.

The Backpack

The backpack has actually been around since the 1800s! Men have carried items on their backs for a long time. Today’s backpacks come in all shapes & sizes. But the main characteristic is the bag is worn on the back supported by shoulder straps. The backpack is a great man bag for men who don’t yet want to embrace the full man bag culture. The Sorrento backpack in medium & large is the perfect hands free man bag to carry all your everyday essentials.


And that’s it, our brief rundown on man bags. No more jacket or trouser pockets weighted down with phone, keys, wallet etc. It’s time to get organised & embrace the man bag!