Porterbello Leather Satchels & Bags

A passion for quality and style

All our bags are made from the finest leathers.  We craft our satchels and bags the old-fashioned way, using only natural oils and good old-fashioned sunshine. This seals the leather, makes them tough, waterproof and gives them that rustic aged character we love.  We then double stitch our leather Satchels and bags, line and rivet the leather (for extra strength), giving every single Leather Satchel and Holdall its own unique personality.


We work to continually improve our leather Satchels and Holdalls and carefully listen to our customer’s valued feedback and reviews to ensure comments and suggestions are fed back to all aspects of the business.

This could be anything from a design suggestion to a product enhancement that can be implemented in future manufacturing.

We also rigorously test every bag ourselves to check the quality and practicality is up to Porterbello’s high standards.