Porterbello leather satchels & holdalls

About our leather satchels & holdalls

Porterbello was established in 2014 and was inspired by classic vintage leather satchels & holdalls.

Where it all started

The journey started with the chance purchase of a rustic leather holdall.

The holdall had so much character. It had been beautifully hand crafted and naturally tanned, leaving all the natural rugged characteristics of the leather.

Most bags nowadays simply don’t have that character. A Porterbello leather satchel tells the story of that piece of leather.

So, with a passion for style and quality, we set out to design a collection of accessible handcrafted leather bags, all with a contemporary twist and made from the finest leather.

We took the best features of a traditional leather satchel, added laptop padding, iPad pockets, phone and key holders. We then added detachable leather straps (with strap padding), silver rivets and quick release clips for a contemporary twist, bringing our satchels up to date for the modern traveller, whether the journey is for work, study, leisure or play.

We then added complimentary styles of leather satchels & holdalls, messenger bags, rucksacks, cross-body bags, toiletries bags and camera bags to our collection. We are due to launch our new leather baby change bags in early 2019.

We are market leaders in offering this level of style, quality, service and price. We are delighted to be able to bring our affordable handcrafted leather satchels & holdalls to you all.

Please join us on this adventure, with your own Porterbello leather satchel, holdall or other bag by visiting our on-line shop – buy leather bags.